Episode 29 – Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot

  1. 39060 – Luke X-Wing Pilot

“Luke flings his X-Wing into a twisting dive across horizons, and down into the dim grey surface” – That is a quote I found on storyboard as used to depict the Death Star trench run scene. It was quite a moment in the film (watching as a youngster) having seen Luke go from his Uncle’s moisture farm on Tatooine to the Death Star to blasting Tie Fighters and finally joining the Rebel Fleet. The orange jump suit is certainly very iconic – unmistakingly Star Wars.

The actual Action figure was pretty decent – though not the greatest likeness to Mark Hamill. I remember not ever really thinking of the figure as Luke, but rather Dack or some other Rebel pilot. One great feature of the figure was the hand that held the gun – that blaster stayed in there very secure.

Here’s what I found of the figure, in a number of variations this month…

Star Wars cardback

20 Back Boba Fett offer – $200.00 – eBay link

20 Back with Boba Fett offer

21 Back – $278.50 – eBay link

21 Back offerless

Star Wars cardback – Foreign

20 Back – Palitoy – $561.15 – eBay link

20 Back – Palitoy

What a great cardback this was – showing off the best Star Wars playset along with the first 20 Figures. Makes you wish they’d done something similar with the later cardbacks. How good would an Empire Strikes Back card an AT-AT in the top of the card with just the ESB figures shown below have looked. Anyway here’s a picture of the Palitoy 20 back (not from this auction though)…

Palitoy 20 back

Empire Strikes Back cardback

I didn’t find too many Luke X-Wings on an ESB card that sold during the period, seemed anyone with a BIN price in the $130++ range didn’t move the figure. Here’s what I did find…

ESB – 41 Back offerless – $93.07 eBay link

ESB – 41 Back

ESB – 41 Back with Survival offer – $59.99 eBay link

ESB – 41 Back with survival kit offer

Return of the Jedi cardback

ROTJ 65b AFA75 (75/85/85) – $127.53 – eBay link

ROTJ – 65b AFA75

ROTJ 77a back AFA 85 (all subs 85) – $274.99 – eBay link

ROTJ – 77a AFA85

ROTJ 77b back AFA 80 (80/85/85) – $129 – eBay link

ROTJ 77b AFA 80

Tri-Logo 77 back – $124.01 – eBay link



Loose AFA U85 (yes sorry I posted a “U” grade – I’m just a reporter not a supporter) – $57.39 – eBay link


Luke X Wing Pilot in heat sealed baggie – $50 – eBay link

Luke X Wing pilot in heat sealed baggie

Micro Collection – X Wing Fighter (with box, insert and bagged figure) – $49.99 – eBay link

Micro Collection – X Wing fighter

All in all a pretty decent assortment of Luke X Wing items. The MOC seems priced pretty fairly, especially when you move away from the SW cardback. My highlight has to be the Palitoy MOC though – that Palitoy logo looks great on the front, and that 20back art work is superb.

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