Episode 30 – R5-D4

39070 – R5-D4

As the months go on I wonder on the volume of sales that these “less popular” figures will have been completed. But I continue to be surprised that there are plenty of MOC examples of the figures selling on a pretty regular basis. So this month when I heard Skye mention that next’s months figure was R5-D4 I half cringed, expecting that I’d finally end up with a report with next to no actual sales. At least this would have kept some listeners content who like to skip the Market Watch segment as they feel it drags. But alas when I punched in “vintage R5-D4 MOC” into completed sales search on Ebay I got the usual line up.

Kenner did a nice job with this little guy – when LEGO did their first rendition of him a few years back they took the cheap option and re-used the R2-D2 sculpt. Kenner at least didn’t pull that stunt and made a pretty decent figure, even if it was a of a driod we saw for a few moments and then blew up. Its hard to really seeing a kid demanding the figure from his parents, but hey when did that stop Kenner from making a figure, whilst leaving obvious must-haves out of the line. I digress – so here is the report for July….

Star Wars cardback

20 Back Boba Fett offer AFA85 NM+ (85/85/85) – $355 – eBay link

R5-D4 20 Back AFA85

20 Back Boba Fett offer MOC C8/9 – $250 – eBay link

R5-D4 20 Back MOC

21 Back offerless – $152.50 – eBay link

R5-D4 21 back MOC

21 Back Secret figure offer AFA 80 (80/85/85) – $340 – eBay link

R5-D4 21 Back AFA80

Empire Strikes Back

45 Back Display Arena offer – $69.99 – eBay link

R5-D4 45 Back ESB MOC

Return of the Jedi cardback

65 Back – $31.01 – eBay link

R5-D4 ROTJ – 65 back MOC


70 Back – $182.50 – eBay link

R5-D4 Trilogo 70 Back MOC

Loose Graded

AFA90 – £100 (or $155) – eBay link

R5-D4 AFA90

AFAU85 – $102 – eBay link

R5-D4 AFAU85

AFA85 – $55 – eBay link

R5-D4 AFA85

Thanks for reading.


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