Bio – Brisbane / Brisbane Mike

Brisbane / Brisbane Mike (AKA MicroM)

To give some flavor to who we are, here’s a small bio, along with the Lightning round questions…

I was born in ’74 in Brisbane, Australia, where I still live today. I’m married with 3 children (all boys). I’ve kept an appreciation for Star Wars toys from childhood and have been “collecting” since around 2003. And in ‘chivecast spirit, here’s my take on the Lightning Round questions…

Q- What was your best collecting moment?

Early in my collecting of MOC’s I bought my first AFA graded MOC. It was a Canadian IG-88 on an ESB cardback. I couldn’t believe how good condition the card was in. I do recall just sitting there with it admiring how stunning it looked – I was hooked as a MOC collector thereafter.

I’ve also got to say that having a small involvement in the chivecast podcast is a real collecting highlight.

Q- If your house was burning down, what’s the item you are taking with you?

Childhood Luke Bespin and Hoth Han – irreplaceable.

Childhood – Luke Bespin

Childhood Hoth Han

Q- If you were a vintage collectible or figure – which one would you be?

Imperial Attack Base:
– It has a number of parts and functions;
– Was advertised with accessories that you had to buy separately;
– And although not mainstream, it is unmistakingly SW.

Q- What’s you collecting grail?

It was a boxed Palitoy Death Star – but I was lucky enough to score a great one last year.
For now its a Palitoy 30 back – Luke Bespin.

What’s your focus as a Collector?

Empire Strikes Back related items – and in particular Hoth related items. My main SW toy as a kid was the Imperial Attack Base, so I had a lot of Hoth inspired ‘setups’ as a kid. I’ve focused on ESB released characters and in particular Luke Bespin and Hoth Han.


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