Bio – Fratastic Pete

Fratastic Pete (AKA Fratboy24)

Who are you:

I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where I was born and raised.  I work in a professional environment for a large fortune 500 company focused in the retail space.  I’ve been married for 5 years and have two pugs, Mr. Pickles and Sophie.  Currently I’m finishing off graduate school before starting to work on my Doctorate in the coming years.

What was your best collecting moment?

I think my favorite moment was the moment I realized that Star Wars Toys were collectible.  I remember being in an antique store with my parents, walking around a corner and seeing a display of loose vintage items.    I was shocked that I would find these child hood favorites in an antique store.  This in a way was the awakening for me as I realized I could turn this into a hobby, and 20 years later here we are

If your house was burning down, what’s the item you are taking with you?

After, my wife and two pugs are safe….I would run back in for my ROTJ Tatooine Luke Skywalker.  For some reason this piece has always been iconic for me, yes it’s something that you see often in terms of the artwork but its’ the best ROTJ example I’ve ever seen and this version is tough to come by in good condition on an ROTJ card-back period.

If you were a vintage collectible or figure – which one would you be?

Power Droid, as his legs and mine make the same sound, click, click, click

What’s you collecting grail?

ROTJ Proof Sheet – Due to my focus and spending a lot of time working with Proofs and Prototypes over the past few years a proof sheet of uncut cardbacks would be my holy grail.  This could be a two figure sheet, or a full 16 but overall I think there’s something about the proofs when they are uncut that’s just iconic.

What’s your focus as a Collector?

My collection is focused on the ROTJ Release and all items surrounding that third movie in the trilogy.  I did this mainly because the ROTJ series is the only product line that I can recall seeing in stores as a child.  In addition to that reason I quite simply wanted to collect as much as I could, and given that the series represented all 79 figures there was a lot for me to go after here.    


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