August – General Market Watch

Happy August Space-freaks,

This month we have a shortened list of auctions for the general Market Watch update, mainly due to CVI taking place and coverage of the event being a major focus for the Chive Cast this month. This being the first month we have a new direct update that will post sequentially to the blog. Thus I’m adding in a few things here going forward that may not carry over to the general Chive Cast updates.

Periodically I hope to touch on certain focuses, such as a month focused on a series, type of toy, or other trend worth noting. In addition I hope to bring up some general trends in the hobby vs. just focusing on the high end auctions of the month. Overall my goal is to continue to bring a diverse cross section of data derived from auctions and other transactions of record and show where and in which ways the hobby is growing or compressing.

Additionally I’ve received some feedback on the crazy Vader auction from July and will continue to try and bring to light some other auctions of similar nature. Thus I want to include some special features going forward, highest priced items, most obscure, etc.

I hope you enjoy this month’s short and sweet update!

Item: Tri Logo POTF Security Scout Sealed AFA85
Why: The three POTF body rigs are among the coolest and most derisible mini rigs in the series. Just like their original trilogy counterparts these items were concepts created by Kenner to reach a new price point in the Star Wars Toy line between basic figures and small scale vehicles. It was a great idea and worked well for the company.

In this case we have the Trilogo version of one of the three (hint the other two may be discussed in an upcoming post). Rather than being mounted to a card with a blister as was the norm for these during the POTF release. The Trilogo packaging uses similar packaging to previous mini rigs, that being a box with 6 sides of artwork.

The box brings a lot more to the product from a collectible perspective given that all of the POTF body rigs had bubbles that yellowed over the years. In a quick look at the AFA DB there actually has never been a clear example of any of the body rigs graded with a clear bubble.

Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 7
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 5
Price of this auction: $550

Trilogo Security Scout

eBay link

Item: ROTJ Yoda Clipper/ ROTJ Clipper Chewbacca MOC
Why: Next up on the Market watch we have a bit of an international focus. This month two Clipper ROTJ MOCs went up on the auction block both with diametrically opposed final prices.

The first is a Yoda, that ended up selling for $403, a bit high given the market but if you’re a Yoda focus collector or international collector you are easily going to pay that much for a desired figure like this.

On the other side of the coin we have Chewy, who was a little beat up and went for $103. Still a nice figure at a great price and given it’s an original 12 I’d say this was a steal for whoever ended up picking it up.

Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 8/7
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 4/2
Price of this auction: $403/$103

Yoda Clipper

eBay link

Chewbacca Clipper

eBay link

Item: Darth Vader Star Destroyer AFA 85
Why: To someone that hasn’t seen it, the Star Destroyer Playset, sounds like one of the coolest possible toys in the Star Wars universe. But once you see the small cross section of what appears to be a diorama without a purpose you get a deep sense of disappointment.

At the same time this leaves a lot to do and incorporates several cool concepts from Empire, it just unfortunately doesn’t come together cohesively. Instead of calling this a Star Destroyer play set I think they could have referred to it as Random Occurrences from the inside of a Star Destroyer….

Regardless of your opinions on the set it’s still overly popular with collectors and in this case this example is the top of the line for collectors. An AFA85 is the highest graded example, and that seems plausible given the size of this product.

Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 5/6
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 7
Price of this auction: $2124 – High but overall the top of the mark usually gets a little crazy in price these days regardless of whatever vintage piece you’re looking at.

AFA85 – ESB Star Destroyer

eBay link

Item: Revenge of the Jedi Blank Card/Mis-strike
Why: The Revenge series has become increasingly popular over the past decade. With the emergence of focus collections they are targets for virtually all collectors in one way or another. But what happens when you have a card back that doesn’t correspond to the figure? You apparently get mad cash. The Blank Card as it’s commonly referred to is one of the more sought after pieces because it applies to a broad focus of prototype and production collectors. Thus the price has gone up drastically compared to most of the common characters in the series which range from the 200-400 price range.
Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 6
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 6
Price of this auction: $1360 way, way, way out in left field, this is a rare item that has really strong intrinsic and collector value, but the value isn’t anymore then $600 on its best day, and you go down hill fast for a loose or graded lower scale example. I’m not calling this out as a crazy auction in similarity to the Vader post in July, but overall this did take in quite a bit more then it’s rarity would dictate.

ROTJ Blank proof card

eBay link


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