Episode 33 – Power Droid

39090 – Power Droid

On an initial glance you ask yourself “why did they make this figure?”. But then you remember it was the 70’s – robots seemed pretty futuristic and I imagine adding droids to the collection helped give Star Wars that sci-fi feel. Then you actually play with this little guy and realise how neat he is, especially the “click click” (or “gonk gonk”). He actually appeared in all three Original Trilogy films – popping up in places such as the Sandcrawler, Death Star, Echo Base & even Jabba’s dungeon (being tortured no less !!).

He must be a popular figure as there were a high level of sales this month – and a great range across all three movie cardbacks and of course plenty of AFA items ….

Star Wars cardback

20G – AFA75 (C75 / B75 / F85) – $251.51 – eBay link

20G – AFA75

20D – non-graded – $136 – eBay link

20D – non graded

I’m assuming this was the 20D (which had a black sticker covering the Boba Fett offer on the back) however looks like the sticker was peeled off and took a bit of the cardboard with it.

20D – ungraded (with sticker peeled off)

20E – non-graded (c6) – $61 – eBay link

This cardback is pretty rough – but shows for even a relatively small sum of money you can have a figure from the original 20 figures on a Star Wars cardback. If you put this in a clear case (acrylic or starcase) it would look pretty decent and is a great bit of history. However there’s a high chance this was bought and sent off for “U grading”, but we wont go there!

20E – non-graded (C6)

These next two really show the premium buyers will pay for that AFA grading…

21A – Offerless – AFA85 (C85 / B85 / F85) – $405.01 – eBay link

21A – AFA85 (C85/B85/F85)

21A – Offerless – non-graded – $139 – eBay link

21A – non graded

And these next two show the power of an AFA85 – big premium over the AFA75..

21B – Offerless – AFA85 (C85 / B85 / F85) – $680 – eBay link

21B – Offerless – AFA85

21B Back – Offerless – AFA75 (C80 / B75 / F85) – $299.99 – eBay link

21B – Offerless AFA75

Empire Strikes Back cardbacks

I found a few ESB cards with offers. As I’ve mentioned a few times I was initially not a fan of the cardback with offer, but once you get a few you really appreciate them, and its also neat to think to back to the actual time the offer was “in play” and you would send those POP’s away. Waiting for that little white mailer to arrive with the figure seems like an engrained childhood memory for lots of us.

21 Back – Secret figure offer – $53.00

This was actually pretty rough on the back – the “Secret Offer sticker had been partially torn off.

ESB – 21 back with Secret Figure offer

21 Back – Secret figure offer – $127.50

A better example of the card, though I’ll admit I prefer the offer sticker design on the previous example

ESB – 21 back with Secret figure offer

47 Back – with 4-LOM offer – $51.00

ESB – 47 back with 4-LOM offer

Return of the Jedi cardback

77 Back – $89.99

ROTJ – 77 Back

Other items

Foreign MOC – German 45 Back – $249.95 – eBay link

German 45 back MOC

German 45 back MOC – cardback

Loose graded – U90 – $320.00


POTF Mail-in coin – $384.00

POTF coin

Revenge of the Jedi proof – AFA85 – $232.61 eBay link

I know Skye mentions this but I’m also surprised just how cheap these proofs can go for, given how rare they are. This was a nice example and hopefully went to a focus collector, as a pre-production item in a character focus really helps set it off.

Celebration VI Star Tots – $35.00

CVI – Star Tot

These Star Tots were really well done. Having not attended CVI I didn’t pick any up and I did hear a few stories of just how popular they were. Kudos to the team who put these together.

Keep an eye out for a future post where Pete and I delve into a thorough analysis of the AFA85 / AFA80 / AFA75 to work out where you should spend your money


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