Packaging auction

Sales of rare vintage items here in Australia are not overly common. There are plenty of auctions for what seems childhood toys (used and somewhat abused figures / vehicles and playsets) and the odd MOC figure. Graded items are not overly common and rarer pieces, such as Display items are rarely seen up for grabs. But recently a number of very nice display items hit the market (eBay) with those auctions ending here tonight (15 October). So here’s a quick wrap of the sales…

Star Wars Original 12 Bin Header Card – $328.70

Everything from the first 12 figures just screams classic. I love to think how all new it was for the toy designers / merchandisers as they came to grips to the popularity the toy line had quickly become. These figures bins look like a great way to have sold the toys

12 back Bin header card

12 back Bin header card

Star Wars Kenner “Collect All 21 Action Figures” Store Display – $610.00

This was my highlight – great piece and in superb condition. This piece was made even better by the fact the original shipping box was present and a Kenner store feedback form. I loved the question “Do you feel sales displays are meaningful to sales turnovers?”. One wonders if they really did help back in the day.

Collect all 21

Collect all 21 – store survey

Collect all 21 – shipping box

Star Wars Kenner “The Empire Strikes Back” Yoda Store Display Mobile Hanger – $510.00

The Yoda vintage figure must be in the top 10 of all time figures. The cane, the snake, his robe – it really was a special little figure (not to mention the card back which was just stunning). This store display must have sucked in a few extra sales.

Yoda ESB store display

Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back” Gondola Header – $675.60

This was the item that drew me to the auctions. I love the ESB line and especially Hoth. This sign really would have been problematic for parents – with kids wanting to re-create that scene at home…

Star Wars Kenner “Toy Galaxy” Cardboard Shelf Talker / Store Display – $330.52

Star Wars shelf talker

Star Wars Kenner “The Empire Strikes Back” Cardboard Shelf Talker Store Display – $330.51

ESB – Shelf talker

All in all a great set of items. My market assessment of these prices is limited as I don;t collect these items. On the face of it would seem the seller has done well, but in some respects some items seem fairly well priced. I can only imagine that the 21 figure display with shipping box and Kenner survey form must very rare and you could justify a much bigger price. Anyways, I hope the post was useful.


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