Fratastic Pete’s October General Market Watch

Happy October Space-freaks,

Wow, so much has happened in such a short amount of time. This month we have the opportunity to go through a fraction of the great auctions that have taken place over the past 45-60 days. From 3-Packs to Prototypes it was a very good time to be in the market for high end Star Wars. Overall there were 30-40 items that could have theoretically made the market watch over this time, but we’ve kept this month to a finite number just to give the proper attention to the 5 auctions that were absolutely off the charts.

I think that this is the highest price Marketwatch to date when you look at the auctions as they stand alone individually. Each item has some unique history so we’ll get right to the overviews.

First off we have one of two Vlix auctions, yes there were two major Vlix auctions within a few weeks of each other.

Item: Vlix AFA 50 MOC eBay link
Why: Anytime a Vlix figure comes up for auction it creates a lot of excitement. The overall rise in popularity of the Droids series in hand with an over-whelming increase in popularity foreign items has made the figure itself an iconic item. The complete absence from any release outside of the Brazilian market makes anything Vlix related noteworthy.
Thus when a MOC comes up it always proves to be a very exciting auction. Here we have an AFA 50 Glasslite MOC, one of 6 graded MOC examples that are out there, with the highest grade given out being an 80. The items itself has always been a favorite due to the figures unique style and shape, coupled with some great artwork on the cardback this proves to be an iconic item in terms of the overall hobby not just the Droids line. Overall the price was up there but with only a handful in existence it’s not hard to fathom a piece of this nature going for over $9K.
Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 8
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 9
Price of this auction: $9100

Vlix MOC

Item: Vlix First Shot Prototype eBay link
Why: If finding a production version of the figure was thought to be tough, running across a prototype is extremely difficult. This Vlix First Shot is quite the unique item. A few examples of Vlix prototypes have surfaced over the years, with varying stages of the process ending up in private collections. This one is fairly close to complete if the paint scheme is the final vision they were going with. It is very similar to the Glasslite release but overall this figure was not going to be an exact match up to the figure released in Brazil.
One of the highest price First Shot auctions I’ve ever seen, but understandably so given the popularity of the character in the series and rarity of anything Vlix related.
Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 10
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 8
Price of this auction: $5000

Vlix Hardcopy

Item: Empire Strikes Back Special Offer 3 Pack Collection (Three Items) eBay link
Why: Well I’m not going to drain this one as I know that a few post have come up on respective boards. The few things to note here include the price – $28K, very impressive. But one has to wonder what they would have gotten if this was parsed out into three separate auctions.

Here we have an auction that consists of three extremely rare pieces, Hoth Set (7 Graded), Bespin Alliance (7 Graded) and Imperial Forces (5 Graded). The Hoth, Imperial and Bespin sets have gone for far north of $10,000 each in the past. They are truly some of the most difficult pieces to find in the entire vintage line, and when it comes to 3-pack collectors many would agree that these are the holy grails for someone completing a 3-pack run.

Overall the price would be seen as a bargain for someone who needed/wanted all three of the items and was serious and educated about value and demand of these items.

Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 8
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 10

Price of this auction: $28,000

3 Pack Collection – ESB

Item: Rocket Firing Fett Prototype AFA90 eBay link
Why: The most renowned figure in almost any toy line, the Rocket Firing Fett comes up once in a while. With several know prototypes graded and ungraded it’s an obtainable but expensive item to find. Overall it’s really a grail piece for any collector and as we’ve seen in the past items like this in great condition tend to go for significantly higher then market prices. Here with an AFA90, we do have the perfect storm of rarity, demand and condition. Thus the $20K price tag wasn’t overly surprising; Boba Fett drives demand way up and when you talk about something of this condition you’re really going off the charts and into a whole other league of collecting. Very cool item to see come up

Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 9
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 10

Price of this auction: $20,000

Boba Fett – Rocket Firing

Item: Villains 3 Pack AFA 85 eBay link
Why: Lastly in rounding out the core auctions we have mention of a strong price on another 3-pack auction. The Villains set is always a fan favorite due to it’s figure mix. With the set recently being re-released by Target it’s easy to see the demand going up on the original item. A great piece with a high grade of 85 this was an impressive auction for an item that you rarely see in this good of condition.
Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 7
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 8
Price of this auction: $6600 – Strong Price for the Piece but high quality is tough get on these pieces.

3 Pack Villians

Crazy Auction of the Month
Item: Stormtrooper Hoth
eBay link
Why: Why is exactly the question with this piece, I don’t even know where to begin. Yes it’s high grade, yes it’s a favorite from that series, but at the end of the day it’s a $200-300 figure graded. Not sure what was going on here but I would definitely classify this as an outlier. It does show something about collecting though, as you never know if there were two individuals bidding this up as they were finishing off an ESB run and just ran out of patience. Or did somebody really need this, didn’t have the time to bid and just threw a crazy number out there as they couldn’t be there for the countdown. Ultimately the fact that there are over 200 graded versions of this figure on a 31 back adds to the confusion here, again I’m not throwing stones here but this did not compute.

Rarity (Scale of 1-10) – 3
Price (Scale of 1-10) – 5

Price of this auction: $932 – 4 times the value.

Hoth Stormtrooper MOC – AFA80

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