Episode 35 – Bossk

39760 – Bossk

Happy Holidays Space Freaks

This month was somewhat of a rushed compilation. I was on holidays when Steve & Skye got in touch with me to see how the report was going. Thankfully I had an iPad with me and was able to put together a solid report. As usual there was a good level of sales achieved during recent times. I think by the end of my report we have almost put a complete Bossk production MOC run together – and for a pretty reasonable price. So here we go with what we found….

Empire Strikes Back

This certainly was the most expensive item I found for the month. It is Bossk’s debut card and one of the harder of those first 10 ESB characters to find MOC.

31 Back AFA80NM (C80/B85/F90) – $499.99 eBay link

Bossk - ESB31A AFA80

Bossk – ESB31A AFA80

Bossk 31 - cardback

Bossk 31 – cardback

31 Back ungraded – $371.66 eBay link

The auction listing notes that this figure was found by the guy’s Mum at the family home where she’d bought it back in the 80’s and had been stored ever since. Kind of sad he missed out on playing with a Bossk figure back then – but nice that now someone has a great piece to display.

Bossk 31 Back

Bossk 31 Back

Cardback - love the 31 back

Cardback – love the 31 back

32 Back AFA80 (c80/B80/F80) – $222

Bossk 32back AFA80

Bossk 32back AFA80

32 Back – ungraded – $107.50 – eBay link

Bossk 32 Back

Bossk 32 Back

I thought this was a good time to pause and reflect on the prices achieved above. It was good to compare graded and non graded versions of the same card. The 31 cards were both very nice, unpunched examples. The price sticker is a small detractor. The ungraded auction achieved 75% of the value of the graded version, or $130 cheaper. I think for me I’d have taken the ungraded version. With the 32 backs my initial thought was again the ungraded was much better value. But when you consider the cost of a decent acrylic case (which obviously comes with the graded version) and the fact it was much nicer example I think I’d have taken the graded version – if I’d had a choice. But I also think the ungraded version for just over $100 on an ESB cardback for one of the better characters from the ESB line is a damn good bargain. Anyways I digress, now back to the rest of my finds…

41A (Survival Kit offer) ungraded – $79.99 eBay link

Bossk - 41A

Bossk – 41A

Bossk - 41A

Bossk – 41A

41D – AFA75 EX+/NM (C70/B80/F80) – $128.50 eBay link

Bossk 41D - AFA75

Bossk 41D – AFA75

Bossk - 41D AFA75 (cardback)

Bossk – 41D AFA75 (cardback)

45A (Display Arena offer) ungraded – $58.00 eBay link

Bossk - ESB 45 back

Bossk – ESB 45A back

Bossk - ESB 45Back (Cardback)

Bossk – ESB 45A back (Cardback)

48B (Admiral Ackbar offer) ungraded – $93 eBay link

Bossk - ESB 48B

Bossk – ESB 48B

Bossk ESB 48B (cardback)

Bossk ESB 48B (cardback)

Return of the Jedi

48D AFA80 (C80/B80/F80) – $125.95 eBay link



The seller got himself (or herself) all excited when the news about Disney broke – here’s their quote (which they added a few days before the listing ended “Disney just bought Lucas films and is making thre more Star Wars films!!!.. which means this item and the other Im selling or going to be be even more valuable!!! Good luck!!!”

65A AFA80 (C80/B85/F85) – $145.00 eBay link

65A AFA80

65A AFA80

77A AFA85NM+ (C85/F90/B85) – $120.00 eBay link

77A - AFA85

77A – AFA85

Rough MOC’s

Here are a few rougher MOC’s I found. As nice as a C-9 example is these rougher ones have great character.

32 Back – $22.50 eBay link

32 back

32 back

(has a bad price sticker tear and the listing refers to dirt &soiling!!!)

65 Back – $34 eBay link



Other Items

Multi-listing – Bossk / IG-88 / Zuckuss / Dengar – $150 eBay link

Mailer AFA80NM – (B80/W85/F75) – $235 eBay link

Mailer AFA80

Mailer AFA80

Loose U90 Olive Head / Gloss Paint – $355 eBay link

Loose U90

Loose U90

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