April General MarketWatch Update

Happy April Space Freaks!

What a year we’ve seen in the Vintage community, Kellerman Auctions, some great finds of Uzay and some other rare figures and of course the ongoing dialogue around the sequel trilogy.    With all of this going on there’s plenty of distractions for us to cover on the Market watch, but for the month of April we’re back to our normal coverage of the general market and what’s happened in March and thus far in the month of April.  Given all of the auctions in the recent past I’ve broken this month’s update into 5

Key Sections:

  1. Hall of Fame Entrance #1
  2. General Notable Auctions
  3. POTF = $$$
  4. Foreign = $$$$$$
  5. Round Up – Noteworthy Auctions without the full write up.

Rather than waxing intellectual about the subject let’s get right into the awesome items we’ve seen pop up in the market over the last month.

Hall of Fame

Well for the first time we’re not just covering an item, we’re also banishing it from any future Marketwatch segments.   Given the number of times we’ve seen him pop up in the market over the past year we’re starting a new section of our Marketwatch, that being the Hall of Fame.    After an item makes the MarketWatch 5 times we are moving the item to Hall of Fame Status, where the item gets the honored distinction of never being mentioned on the MarketWatch again.

And our first inductee is…..Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker – Loose.   He’s been on the MarketWatch so many times that it’s time to say goodbye forever.   But as we shun him to the dark depths of the HOF we also celebrate what might have been the most DT Luke filled month on Ebay, as we saw four unique graded versions sold over the past several weeks.

  1. AFA 75 with CIB COA – $462 Luke 1
  2. AFA 80 with CIB COA – $690Luke 2
  3. AFA 80 with CIB COA – $618Luke 3
  4. AFA 80 No CIB COA – $585 – Luke 4

Luke Skywalker with CIB

What’s interesting to me here is the variance in price points from the first AFA80 to the last.   These types of scenarios can be fun to play with as we have more comparative data then we typically do month to month and year to year.

A couple thoughts on what’s driving some of the variance here:

  • Condition is a key factor as we can see the variance between the 75 and examples of 80s that are present.  This is present with every figure out in the market to some extent and could be one of the largest drivers of price within a grouping of a specific figure.
  • Time of day – In addition to being the lowest grade example our first auction is also the only one sold in the AM.  Now this is obviously not a global statement as I’m looking at the timing for United States, but historically we see higher prices attached to items that are sold in the evening vs. morning, mid-day or afternoon.

In addition to time and condition there are several sub factors that we could look at, the seller, the shipping charges and a few others, but the two we speak to above seem to be very appropriate given the variances we see here.

And with that please light a candle or listen to your favorite ballad as we bid farewell to the Double Telescoping Luke on the MarketWatch.  He’s filled some great space and given us some great Wow moments, but his now too frequent appearance on the market and inclusion in several Marketwatch segments, moves him to the illustrious ranks of the Marketwatch hall of fame.

General Auction Update

IG-88 12 Inch ESB MISB – $3150IG-88 12 Inch

One of the most popular and also the rarest of the 12 Inch figures IG-88 is known to command a premium in the market.   In this case we see a very admirable price realized for a great item.   We had covered a version of IG-88 in the 12 inch form a few months back.  However the condition wasn’t nearly what this piece was and neither was the resulting price point (Sub$1500).   This just supports the fact that condition continues to be the largest driver of price within a particular figure, and I don’t mean just a slight increase, rather it’s a doubling or more of a fair example to a near mint example.

Price –  8 = $3150

Rarity –  5

IG-88 12 Inch

ESB Red 6 Pack Sealed – $3050Empire Strikes Back Red Box 6-Pack

It could be the rarest of all multi packs to be released in mass, the Red Empire Strikes Back 6 pack is an iconic piece in the Star Wars vintage universe.  One of two multi packs created for retail during the ESB release these two pieces are highly sought after with vintage collectors today.   And why not, great colors, interesting figures and attractive price point that made expanding your figure collection more palatable for those on a budget.  Given the short run of both sets and the small number of boxed examples that made it to this millennia, the price and demand for the items is extremely high.

Price – 8 = $3050

Rarity – 6

ESB 6 Pack

Darth Vader Case – Special Offer Luke Bespin Yoda and Darth Vader AFA80 – $759

Darth Vader Special Offer Case Luke Bespin Yoda and Darth Vader

The Darth Vader Case could be one of the most recognizable carrying cases in the history of action figures.   It’s been in the background of several movies and was the most popular case from the Vintage Line.   Thus when Kenner decided to diversify the Vintage line they did so with two augmentations of the original item via a bundled solution that was extremely short-lived.    In one version we have Vader, IG-88 and Boba Fett, this far rarer and higher demand version (Due to the figures included) is one of the most sought after pieces in the original release with sealed examples reaching auction prices of $3000 or more in the recent past.    The other version is the one that we are presented with, this set include Yoda, Luke Bespin and Darth Vader.   It’s a great example of a piece that we rarely see come up on the market.    This particular piece was in very good condition with minimal wear and tear given the age, and therefore drove a good, but lower than average price; given past auction performance.

Price – 5 = $759

Rarity – 6

Darth Vader Special Offer Luke Yoda

Power of the Force – Quick 3

Yak Face AFA 80 POTF – $5420 Yak Face MOC

One of the most popular and legendary figures in the series Yak Face a foreign release figure in the POTF line continues to demand extremely high prices for any carded examples.   Here we have a nice example of the figure graded AFA 80Y, with a slight yellowing of the bubble which helps the overall visual appeal of the piece.   This particular piece was part of a series of high end auctions that also included several of the key figures we’ll review in the Foreign figure section this month.   Overall this piece went for a premium vs. historic auctions.   The main thing that drove this variance is believed to be the additional traffic that these auctions received due to the number of high end auctions and coverage in a few micro blogs and web sites.

Price – 9 =$5420

Rarity – 6


Anakin Skywalker – AFA 75Y – $3100Anakin Skywalker MOC

Although he’s not popular enough to keep his ghostly appearance in Return of the Jedi intact for the Blu-Ray, he’s still one of the most sought after figures carded figures in the vintage line.  This is mainly due to his limited release globally on the POTF card back.  On the other hand the loose version of Anakin is one of the most readily available figures in the last 17 given the mailer offer on the figure.   Every time Anakin comes up he’s worth mentioning however given the 3-4 auctions for MOC Anakin’s last year he may also be our number 2 inductee into the hall of fame.

Price – 8 = $3100

Rarity – 6-7

Anakin POTF

POTF Coin Set – $7322POTF Coin Set

In the world of Vintage Star Wars there are so many focuses that one can have it’s hard to believe that collectors ever get bored with collecting.   In addition to figure focuses there are several focus collections that play on adjacent products that are associated with the Vintage figure line. From play sets, vehicles to the 12 Inch figure line there are several options for Star Wars vintage figure collectors to stem out to.   One of my personal favorites to look at is the POTF coin line.   The set of 62 coins (some available via figures and other available only as mail away offers) is quite impressive and popular amongst figure collectors.  And why not, the detail is great, there is a good mix of challenging pieces and readily available pieces, and there is a lot of breadth in the line.    We’ve covered the coin set at one other point in the past, and since then we’ve seen some strong price appreciation with the example we see here.   Of course as any  POTF coin collector can attest, buying a set is much more economical (in terms of piecing together a complete 62 coin run) but it’s nowhere near as rewarding as doing the diligence of hunting and collecting each of the 62 coins in this run.   Because of the varying rarity of the coins we won’t assign a number to the rarity of the collection, however it’s been rumored that there are as many as 50+ complete sets of the 62 coins in the collecting community, showing that putting together a set is an attainable goal if you put in the time, effort and have the funding to pursue such a conquest.

Price – 9 = $7322

Rarity – N/A

Coin Set

Vintage Foreign

C-3PO UZAY MOC AFA 40 $1950C-3PO Uzay

Uzay figures continue to be some of the most sought after figures in the Vintage Series.  And why not, if you’re truly looking for something that’s off the wall, novel but at the same time eerily cool, then collecting Uzay may be your thing (if you also have the 3-4K to spend on each figure).   Uzay was a bit off the wall in comparison to other foreign versions of the Vintage series, with unique figures like Blue Stars and Headman, or card backs that feature vehicles that weren’t in any movie and don’t resemble any toy in the series (i.e. Tie Fighter Pilot Cardback) it’s quite the unique series.  With finds still occurring today we see this segment continuing to grow in terms of value and popularity amongst vintage collectors.  In fact Uzay may be the hottest property in the Vintage community today and as of recent years.   It doesn’t come at a price point that allows all collectors to get into the product, rather the price of entry puts some steep barriers around collecting the line.  Thus making the collecting of Uzay’s up there with collecting vintage Rolex’s and Faberge.

This month we have an example of an Uzay carded figure that was released in the main vintage line.  C-3PO maybe another novelty in the line; given that it features R5-D4 in the image, a figure that was never released (at least to my knowledge) on an Uzay cardback.   The scene itself is a bit trippy as it features a lot of deep colors and interesting landscape.  Overall a very cool piece and right on the money for the market usually bears for these items.

Price – 6 = $1950

Rarity – 8

C-3PO Uzay

Luke Bespin Retorno Jedi – $3849Luke Bespin – Spanish

A few months back we covered a few other figures from the Spanish line.   All of which saw incredible price points much like the Luke Bespin example we have here.  Although Uzay may be more popular due to the novelty aspect and unique figures released, the Spanish figures could very well be the rarest MOCs in the vintage line.    With all examples in the last year selling for more than $1500 a piece even for poor examples these figures are in demand and in short supply as well.

Price – 6 = $1025

Rarity – 7/8

Luke Bespin Retorno Jedi

Luke Jedi MOC Lily Ledy $1025Luke Jedi Lily Ledy

Yoda Lily Ledy MOC $2476 Yoda Lily Ledy MOC

For our last pair of auctions in this month’s detailed update we have two Lily Ledy figures with very high price points.   Lily Ledy continues to be a major focus for die hard vintage collectors.  These two pieces along with some of the POTF and Uzay examples that we’ve covered all came from one high end seller that dropped a lot into the market at the beginning of April, including a very cool Greatest American Hero proof card.   The two examples we have in front of us did very well overall driving some strong price impression in the market.

Price – 6 = $1025/7 = $2476

Rarity – 7/8-8

Luke Jedi ROTJYoda Lily Ledy

Other Noteworthy Auctions:

As we round out the month of April, we wanted to present a few of the notable pieces that were up on the market in the past 60 days but didn’t quite make the cut for the regular show.  With that here are some other great noted notables for the month of April!

Gam Guard Lily Ledy MOC – $166 – Gammorean Guard MOC Lilly Ledy

Gam Guard Lily Ledy MOC

Boba Fett Droids AFA60 – $1275 – Boba Fett Droids MOC AFA

Boba Fett Droids

Cantina Creatures 3-Pack SW Special Offer AFA75 – $1759 – Cantina 3-Pack

Cantina Three Pack

Imperial Forces ESB 3-Pack – $3950 – Imperial Forces 3-Pack

Imperial Forces 3-Pack

Early Bird Set with Luke Skywalker  AFA 80 $3161 – Early Bird Set

Early Bird Set

Cantina Adventure Set AFA 70 – $2126 – Cantina Adventure Set

Cantina Adventure Set

That rounds out the update for the month of April, until next time Wampa Wampa!


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