June MarketWatch General Update

Happy June Space Freaks,

For our first MarketWatch update of the summer we have another great round of high end auctions and Star Wars goodness spanning across three movie related toy series as well as the Droids TV series of figures.    June is one of my favorite months for collecting, and not just because those of us in the Northern Hemisphere get to enjoy our summer.   It’s truly about how much excitement is generated in the open market through auctions and other activities as is manifested via:

  1. More auctions – more pieces are sold and available during the months of June-July and August than any other three month period during the year – even the holidays!
  2. Rarities – is it just me or do super-rare and one of a kind items only come out when it’s warm outdoors?  Whether just a coincidence or not, this is the time of the year that we always see some unique and rare items emerge that we see once in a blue moon (the moon itself not the beer of the same nameJ)

With those points in mind let’s review some of the super cool and rare items that hit the market this past month.

Darth Vader DT Loose AFA with COA from CIB – $5232 – Darth Vader DT Auction

Starting off the month of June is a great auction for a DT Darth Vader.  Unlike Luke the number of DT Vader’s is finite in total quantity available. Only being released on a card back as opposed to the early bird mailer it’s truly one of the rarest loose figures in the Star Wars universe.   It’s something that you rarely see come upon eBay and thus when they are available they go for big dollars, much like this particular piece.

Darth Vader Double Telescoping Loose

Boba Fett Droids – AFA90 – $10,200 Boba Fett Droids

Moving from an extremely rare loose figure we now have ourselves an very rare carded figure.   Boba Fett will always demand the most dollars for any character in the Star Wars universe regardless of rarity in a series.    That’s why we see poor example ESB and ROTJ versions of the Fett man rise to the $500+ range consistently in the market.   This piece is the creme dela creme when it comes to Boba Fett figures, seeing more demand than any other cardback in the Movie and TV series for the character.    To top it off you have the absolute best example seen in recent years with a grade of 90 and a clear bubble.   The clear bubble alone drives up the price of this piece $500-1000 in price if not more.   This is truly a stunning site for those that have seen tons of poor grade yellow bubble versions of the figure over the years.    And to our enjoyment one actually came up this month,  Droids Fett #2.

Realizing a price of just north of $4000 this piece shows that condition is truly a huge determining factor in the overall price of the an auction.   Here we see more than a doubling of the value just for a 15 point grade improvement and a clear bubble for an excellent example to a Mint example.    It just shows that those that want the best of the best are more then willing to shell out the dough to pick it up.

On a last note I would like to point out that a graded Fett was recently featured on Toy Hunters.  Although it didn’t show the grade it’s my belief that this was an AFA75 or close in condition.   Given that Jordan turned down an offer of $2000 for the item one has to ask two question:

  • Is there that much variance between show prices and online auction price?   I always thought that shows were more expensive and deals were to be found through eBay, but given that he turned down a figure that sold for over $4K on eBay I’m not so sure this equation holds true.
  • Is Toy Hunter a valid show for showing the value of items?  We’ve seen a few errors pop up, and some believe this is causing more damage to the hobby then good.  Well highlighting vintage is great under estimating prices is very damaging, especially for those that are new to the hobby and get a distorted view of product values.

Droid Boba Fett - AFA 90 May 25

Return of the Jedi Transition Stickers:

Over the past few months we’ve seen several of the Canadian ROTJ Transition figures come up for sale on eBay.   And why not after talking about ROTJ transition stickers a few months back on the Chive Cast Vintage Pod the segment of collecting is on fire with crazy prices realized and more in volume then we’ve seen in years.    The stickers which were applied to ESB MOC figures in Canada create a unique looking MOC with a original look and feel unlike that of the ESB or ROTJ releases in Canada.  This month we have three great examples to showcase, rather than reviewing each piece I’ve given you some specifics and a link to each auction.    

 Chewbacca - ROTJ Transition StickerBoba Fett - MOC Transition ROTJ  Ugnaught

Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back 3-Pack Auctions

One of the staples on the MarketWatch the Star Wars and ESB Figure 3 packs are truly one of the most unique and sought after items in the Star Wars universe.  With 16 in all these items feature iconic packing with vibrant colors that coupled with their rarity puts them in a class of their own in the Star Wars collecting community.   We’ve covered off so many of these sets over the past year, it’s hard to imagine that any slipped through the cracks and didn’t get at least mentioned on one of our MarketWatch segments.    This month we have the pleasure of brining you 5 different sets of figures including the super ultra rare double secret probation Rebel, Imperial and Bespin Sets, all of which went for over $10K.   It’s times like this when I think back to hearing about Jeff Jacob purchasing the run for $60,000, and think man he got a great deal!   As we can see below the numbers have appreciated substantially over the years and I couldn’t see a set of these going for much less then $80-90K.

Bespin Set #1Bespin Set #2Rebel Set 3 PackImperial Set 3PackVillian Set 3 Pack

Uzay Emperors Royal Guard – $785 – C3 – Emperors Royal Guard – Uzay

To close off our auctions for this month we end on a high note, well maybe not from a price point.   Here is one of my personal favorites from the ever clever Uzay line.   The line of toys cluttered with random characters that didn’t appear in Star Wars movies and Tie Fighter Pilots pictured with ships that look like a backwards vertical one man cloud car is truly in a class of it’s own even in the ever expansive world of foreign release figures.  And this particular piece offers almost as much fun as some of the more widely known fowls that Uzay perpetuated throughout their shot run.   I don’t know what strikes me as more funny with this particular figure:

  1. The fact that the picture of the Royal Guard shows the figure wearing a cape and holding a staff but the figure didn’t include the cape, or the staff.
  2. The fact that this figure is only Raiders colors away from being a Headman figure.

Uzay Royal Guard

Whichever reason you choose this is truly a fun item to end our June MarketWatch with.

Until next time – Wampa Wampa!


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