July MarketWatch General Update

Happy July Space Freaks,

With summer in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere there’s a lot to cover here on the MarketWatch.   Between it being prime season and seeing a general uptick in prices over the course of this year, there are several notable auctions to cover.  This month we cover off a small variety of some of the items that we saw on the market over the last 30 days, including a quick overview on some crazy prices realized on some pristine 12 backs, a few unique and rare auctions including a crazy Luke Bespin figure, and a short overview on a few rarely seen Force Light sabers that hit the market.     All in all it’s a great time to be in the market as a seller, a buyer or a collector as prices are hot and demand is high.    With that let’s get to the meat and bones of this month’s MarketWatch review.

12 Back Auctions

All in all I don’t spend a lot of time on the blog talking about the 12 back series.  Though it represents the Genesis of the toy line, its large production number makes it readily available and thus easily reference-able given the number of MOC figures available in the market.  At any time someone could put together a run of the original 12 within a few weeks if not days, just relying on eBay auctions.   Of course there are exceptions to this rule, including the Double Telescoping Lightsaber release figures.   This month we have two for reference.  First the Double Darth Vader, truly one of the most difficult figures to find MOC, it’s ending price of $30K for an   AFA70 example is the most impressive of this month’s auctions.   With only a handful of examples in existence this is truly the center piece of any collection and proof positive that vintage prices are continuing to rise.

DT Vader MOC – $29999 AFA70 – DT Vader MOC

Vader DT

The second DT figure also kicks off the second exception to the rule that we’ll look at this month surrounding 12 backs and their rarity; that being the rareness of extremely high quality examples in the 12 back line.  As mentioned through numerous posts over the past year condition is still the biggest variable driving price for a particular figure.  When it comes to AFA90 12 Backs we see some incredible prices realized across a broad spectrum of figures.   But let’s cover off the first and previously unnamed second DT Figure – Luke Skywalker – AFA90.  A truly stunning example this particular item is 1 of 3 examples to receive an AFA90. And with that comes an exceptional price of $12,600.  Two months back we covered an 85 example with a $13,500 buy it now price that sold through a best offer.  Given recent changes with eBay we can’t say for sure what the selling price was, but I think it’s safe to say this could be the highest price Luke DT figure to ever sell on eBay

DT Luke MOC – $12600 AFA 90 – DT MOC Luke

Luke DT AFA90

In addition to Luke there were several other AFA90 12 back examples this month that were impressive to say the least.   Right behind Luke was Chewbacca, with a price of $9077 this could have also been in the crazy auction category for the month, but it just shows people really want the first and best example of figures and many will pay  a hefty premium in order to get what they are looking for.  Following the trail we have C-3PO and Han Solo both of which sold for bargain prices in comparison to the aforementioned auctions.

Chewbacca – $9077 – AFA90 – Chewbacca AFA90

Chewbacca 12 back AFA90

C-3PO – $2699 – AFA90 – C-3PO 12 Back AFA 90

C-3PO 12 Back

Han Solo $2600 – AFA90 – Han Solo 12 Back AFA 90

 Han Solo 12 Back

Force Light sabers:

Although not the most sought after of the Vintage Star Wars line our next batch of auctions does fall under the category as some of the most recognizable items from the vintage line, that being The Force Light sabers. It’s always amazed me that any of these survived through the years in loose condition, much less packaged.  I remember whenever I saw them in the stores there were always kids having battles in the aisles and so many were broken before they were ever sold.  Though some did survive they are definitely not common especially in the package.   Thus when I saw three decent auctions comes across this month I just had to share them with the rest of  the community.

ESB Red and Yellow – $150 – ESB Red and Yellow Sabers

Yellow Saber

ROTJ Green MISB Tri-Logo Release C7-  $147- ROTJ Green Force Saber MISB


ROTJ Red MISB C8 – $151 – Red – ROTJ Lightsaber

 RedROTJ Saber

Round Up (2 Rarities and a Crazy Auction)

Star Wars 3 Pack – Villain Set – $3729- Villain Set

As most who come to the blog know I’m a sucker for the Vintage 3 Packs.   Thus when I saw this great example of a Villain Set I had to make a mention.   Not only did it go for a great price it’s condition it superior to most examples that I’ve see on market over the past years.

Star Wars Imperial 3 Pack

ESB Red6Pack – $2246 MISB ESB 6 Pack- Red

We’ve seen one of these 6 packs come through earlier this year, but condition was lacking in comparison this example.   By far the rarer of the two 6 packs released for ESB, this red version is still sealed and saw an incredible price realized.   Always a cool item to see come across the market this particular piece may have been my favorite auction this past month.


Luke Bespin ESB Walking – AFA 85 $1200 – Luke Bespin ESB Walking

Now here’s a crazy auction to end our update for July with.    There have been a few threads started across multiple sites like Rebel Scum pointing out incredible prices being seen across Vintage auctions on eBay.   And all in all the threads paint a very accurate picture of what’s been going on with certain pieces seeing incredible price increases in a relatively short period of time.   This Luke Bespin is a great example.   Although one of the favorites of the Vintage Line,  due in part to the short run on this cardbacks artwork, these pieces always hold their value. However when I saw this auction’s ending price I had to make mention that less than a year ago this piece was selling for less than half of this auctions ending price.   We saw C8 examples selling for $2-350 and graded examples selling for $3-500 consistently just last summer.   Thus a doubling of value year over year is quite incredible, but also quite crazy if you ask this collector.

Luke Bespin - Walking

That brings us to the end of our coverage of the market for this month, comeback next month for coverage on a massive run of ROTJ 2 Packs, POTF MOC goodness and a lot more.

Wampa Wampa!


2 thoughts on “July MarketWatch General Update

  1. Awesome as always. I think it’s too late for me to get into the carded figure collecting, crazy prices everywhere 😦

    • Don’t lose hope, there are a lot of nice pieces out there that don’t hit these crazy items. The average collector can still build a carded collection of decent figures for roughly $100 a figure depending on character.

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