January Marketwatch General Update – Holiday Review

Marketwatch January 2014 – Holiday Review

Happy New Year Space Freaks,

As we turn the clock on another banner year in the collecting community it’s great to look back at all the great dialogues, conversations and posts that have come up on RS, IG and all the other communities in the vintage Star Wars galaxy.   It was the first full year of anticipation for the Sequel Trilogy, with a Director being named and Social Media buzzing about every detail that was released.    It was a year of Celebration Europe, a great convention scene that showcased more in the world of comics then items from a galaxy far far away, and the announcement for the next Celebration to take place in 2015.

After a four month hiatus we resume our regular coverage of the rare and unique in the Vintage Star Wars community with our regular coverage of the market.   Suffice it to say Michael and I are always looking for ways to refine, update and improve the blog, and our annual round ups of the movies were a step in that direction as it departed us from just focusing on the rare and super high-priced items that we typically cover on the MarketWatch general update.   This year look for us to break out from the monthly schedule and take a more editorial approach to topics, covering such things as the statistics of collecting vintage, AFA75 the most un-coveted- but beloved grade, bargain auctions, and a slew of other topics on buying and selling in the hobby.

But before we get to any of those other topics it’s time to review one of the most robust times of the year to be a collector, the Holidays.

Each year retail sees a massive spike around the Holidays, for most retailers the 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) represents the most significant time of the year in terms of financial performance.  Many organizations see 40% of our revenue performance come in the last three months of the year, that’s a dramatic swing when compared with the first 3 quarters of the year.   It also directly relates to what we see on eBay with a large segment of vintage.

Here are some stats on this past holiday:

  • 1,731,922 = Peak of the number of listings in Toys and Hobbies in 2013 – occurred the 2nd week of December.
  • 1,344,856 = Average number of listings in Toys and Hobbies on eBay in Q3.

Thus we have a 387,066 or 28% increase in total items listed during this season.  Fairly significant, but in equal footing with the increase we’ve seen in years past.

What’s interesting to me about the Holiday season for collectibles is it’s really a crap shoot in terms of prices realized.   Timing is a key factor as a higher percentage of auctions end during non-peak purchase times, (Tuesday-Saturday), but more importantly the customers tend to be a bit more mixed then at other times of the year.    The key reason behind this is gift giving, instead of collectors being the sole purchasers; the market becomes saturated with people buying for collectors.    Thus you have a significant change in purchase patterns driven by factors such as lack of awareness of pricing, less experience with collectible auctions, and scheduling factors given auctions sporadic end dates.

Additionally the types of items that trade well at the holiday shift a bit when compared with other times of the year.   In a lot of cases low price point products tend to see some of the most significant improvement in prices realized, loose figures, more common MOC items are a few good examples.    Here you can see prices double or triple vs. averages throughout the rest of the year.

Another anomaly associated with this as we approach the week prior to X-Mas is that prices go up and up as people try to clamor for last minute gifts for their family and friends.   Strange as it’s a complete shift from retail which sees a general price decrease in the weeks leading up to the Holidays in several product categories.

All in all the Holidays are a great time to be a collector whether you’re buying or selling.  The items are vast and although a lot of more common pieces come on the market, there are always some rare pieces that make their way into the marketplace, to show off a few of these here’s the roundup of the Holiday season.

Holiday Round Up Auctions:

To represent the high end, rare and just down right expensive items available during this Holiday we have 10 auctions to review.   A lot of shock and awe will come with some of these prices, but it’s representative of the market today and the sometimes crazy dollars that people are spending on vintage.    Of the lot my personal favorite is the instant Jawa focus collection, with a MOC 12 Back and two loose figures, a vinyl cape and Lili Ledy figure.      What a great item featuring some really good and sought after pieces.    In addition to that piece there’s a great lineart mailer and a piece I’ve been on the lookout for, Vlix.

Meccano Ugnaught MOC – Purple Smock – C7ish – $4000 – Meccano Ugnaught MOC

Ugnaught Meccano Purple Smock MOC

Yak Face and Anakin Skywalker MOC Lot – C8 – $5700 – Yak Face and Anakin POTF MOC Lot

Yak Anakin Lot

ESB 3-Pack Imperial Set – C8 – $3549 – ESB Imperial Set 3 Pack

Imperial Set ESB 3 Pack

Vlix Loose AFA75 – $3150 – Vlix Loose AFA

Vlix AFA Loose

Lot of 26 MOC Figures (All Yellow Bubble ESB, ROTJ and POTF, but included Luke Stormtrooper, Han Variant Jedi and a few other mid price point figures – Overall $3000 ($115 a Figure) – 26 Figure MOC Lot

Figure Lot 1 Image 5 Figure Lot 1 Image 4 Figure Lot 1 Image 1 Figure Lot 1 Image 2 Figure Lot 1 Image 3

Jawa Figure Lot – Lili Ledy Loose – 80, Vinyl Cape Loose – 85, MOC 12 Back – 75 – $2600 –  Jawa Figure Lot

Jawa Collection

Eastern European  MTV-7 MIB – $2074 –  MTV-7

MTV-7 Meccano

ESB Lineart Catalog Mailer 15 Figure Set – $1810 – ESB Lineart 15 Figure Catalog Mailer

Lineart Mailer 15 Pack Set

European 4 Pack (MOC) – C8 – $1791 – MOC 4 Pack

MOC 4 Pack

Glasslite Snowtrooper with COA – AFA80 – $708 – Glasslite Snowtrooper with COA

Snowtrooper Glasslite with COA AFA

That’s it for this month Space Freaks, keep checking back for more updates from the Sandcrawler.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on upcoming topics for us to cover please send them to ChiveCastMarketwatch@Gmail.com, or send Mike or I a message on Rebelscum.com.

Wampa Wampa;



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