Episode 52: Leia (Hoth outfit)

The months trickle on as we vacillate between background character and main character in different outfits. Leia Hoth is a great figure. The cardback is great, it works so well with the actual figure standing next to her. It’s like that was the photo they used to sculpt the figure from.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find this month, a main character but just not sure how hard she is to find. I’m sure there will be a few crazy prices – given the state of the market.

Let’s begin …..

Empire Strikes Back

41A AFA80 (C75/B85/F85) $306.88 – eBay listing




41A AFA70 (C80/B60/F85) $200 – eBay link




Now here’s a few 41D’s. The price increase as the quality improves is quite marked ….
Ungraded (clear bubble) but rough card $82.88eBay link




Ungraded (yellow bubble) $150 eBay link



As we move to a graded version we get a decent price bump …

41D AFA80 (C80/B85/F80) $365.66 eBay link


And now it gets crazy … Got to love the AFA85 pieces !!!
41D AFA85 (C85/B90/F85) $1,075 eBay link




So we’ve gone from under $100 for an ungraded, rough but clear bubble to over $1k, having straight 85’s or better really pushed the price on this piece. Personally I thought the $360odd for the AFA80 looks like much better value. Each to their own.

45 AFA80Y approx $299 – eBay listing


47A ungraded $177.50 eBay link




Return of the Jedi

65B ungraded $182.50 – eBay link




77A ungraded $139.99 – eBay link



77A ungraded – eBay listing




Loose graded

AFA90 NM+ $99.99 – eBay listing


All in all a nice selection. The AFA85 41D was pretty crazy, but that’s the theme these days – high grade + main character = big price. But with all the hype and big prices, there are still a number of decent pieces at reasonable prices to be had. Certainly researching, and not being hung up on an “AFA85” piece will put you in a decent position to pick up pieces at a much more affordable price range.

Till next month……

Episode 39 – Lando Calrissian

39800 – Lando Calrissian

There was a good assortment this month. I was a little late in publishing this update onto the blog so took the chance to add a little more data on Lando. I actually tried to go without any AFA examples, but had could only find a 31 back that was graded. All other figures were ungraded and looks like a Lando ESB MOC will set you back about $90. Though I was able to add in the 47 back which went for just over $200 as part of the eBay listings posted by “earlyretiree”.

The ROTJ examples were very cheap – though most cards were in fair to rough condition.

Here’s the summary for the month:

31B – $177.50

32B – $102.50

41A – $89.89

41B – $167.50

41D – $86.85

47A – $202.50

48D – $40.99

65B – $49.99

77A – $63.00

79A – $41.00

Seems like a good value figure – for what is a pretty central figure.

Empire Strikes Back cardbacks

31B AFA85Y NM+ (C80/B85/F85) $177.50

31B AFA85

31B AFA85

32B ungraded – Clear bubble $102.50 – eBay link

32B ungraded

32B ungraded

32B ungraded - cardback

32B ungraded – cardback

41A ungraded with survival kit offer $89.89 – eBay link

41A ungraded

41A ungraded

41A ungraded - cardback

41A ungraded – cardback

41B ungraded – Clear bubble (overall very nice MOC) $167.50 – eBay link

41B ungraded

41B ungraded

41B ungraded - cardback

41B ungraded – cardback

41D ungraded – Clear bubble $86.85 – eBay link

41D - ungraded

41D – ungraded

41D ungraded - cardback

41D ungraded – cardback

47A ungraded – $202.50 – eBay link

47A - ungraded

47A – ungraded

47A ungraded - cardback

47A ungraded – cardback

Return of the Jedi cardbacks

48D ungraded $40.99 – eBay link

48D - ungraded

48D – ungraded


48D ungraded - cardback

48D ungraded – cardback


65B ungraded $49.99 – eBay link

65B ungraded

65B ungraded

65B ungraded - cardback

65B ungraded – cardback

77A ungraded $63.00 – eBay link

77A ungraded

77A ungraded

77A ungraded - cardback

77A ungraded – cardback

77A ungraded $51.00 – eBay link

This shows the vagaries of the market place – a nicer example than the one above, but sells for less

77A ungraded

77A ungraded

77A ungraded - cardback

77A ungraded – cardback

79A ungraded $41.00 – eBay link

79A ungraded

79A ungraded

79A ungraded - cardback

79A ungraded – cardback

2 pack (with Han trench coat) $89.88 – eBay link

ROTJ 2 pack

ROTJ 2 pack

ROTJ - 2 pack

ROTJ – 2 pack

It’s always interesting who they pack together in these packs, I think packing him with Han in his trench coat is a decent combination. Though seems there was more demand for Lando packed with Teebo – not quite as appealing in my view.

2 pack (with Teebo) $106.51 – eBay link

2 pack - Lando & Teebo

2 pack – Lando & Teebo