Episode 52: Leia (Hoth outfit)

The months trickle on as we vacillate between background character and main character in different outfits. Leia Hoth is a great figure. The cardback is great, it works so well with the actual figure standing next to her. It’s like that was the photo they used to sculpt the figure from.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find this month, a main character but just not sure how hard she is to find. I’m sure there will be a few crazy prices – given the state of the market.

Let’s begin …..

Empire Strikes Back

41A AFA80 (C75/B85/F85) $306.88 – eBay listing




41A AFA70 (C80/B60/F85) $200 – eBay link




Now here’s a few 41D’s. The price increase as the quality improves is quite marked ….
Ungraded (clear bubble) but rough card $82.88eBay link




Ungraded (yellow bubble) $150 eBay link



As we move to a graded version we get a decent price bump …

41D AFA80 (C80/B85/F80) $365.66 eBay link


And now it gets crazy … Got to love the AFA85 pieces !!!
41D AFA85 (C85/B90/F85) $1,075 eBay link




So we’ve gone from under $100 for an ungraded, rough but clear bubble to over $1k, having straight 85’s or better really pushed the price on this piece. Personally I thought the $360odd for the AFA80 looks like much better value. Each to their own.

45 AFA80Y approx $299 – eBay listing


47A ungraded $177.50 eBay link




Return of the Jedi

65B ungraded $182.50 – eBay link




77A ungraded $139.99 – eBay link



77A ungraded – eBay listing




Loose graded

AFA90 NM+ $99.99 – eBay listing


All in all a nice selection. The AFA85 41D was pretty crazy, but that’s the theme these days – high grade + main character = big price. But with all the hype and big prices, there are still a number of decent pieces at reasonable prices to be had. Certainly researching, and not being hung up on an “AFA85” piece will put you in a decent position to pick up pieces at a much more affordable price range.

Till next month……

Episode 51: Lobot

39349: Lobot

Now we are moving into well into the background characters. Lobot was an interesting figure as a kid – his hand held the Bespin blaster perfectly (always a plus as a kid). He could also command a squadron of stormtroopers – and then fight against them (double agent of sorts !!). That robotic element on his head was a pretty cool feature.

Now onto the MarketWatch for Lobot. An interesting collection for the month. Prices were pretty reasonable. And was able to find a few cards covered in POTF stickers and clearance price tags – you get the feeling Lobot was still on the shelves when the POTF2 line hit toy shops. And a first for the MarketWatch – an autographed MOC !!!

Empire Strikes Back

41A AFA80 (C75/B85/F85) $180 – eBay link



41A AFA80 (C80/B85/F80) $164 eBay link



41A ungraded $122.49 – eBay link



41B ungraded $131.50 – eBay link




41D ungraded $79.90 – eBay link



41D ungraded (with bonus John Hollis autograph) $107.50 – eBay link



41D ungraded $45.99 – eBay link



45 AFA85Y (C80/B85/F85) ~$280 eBay link


48D ungraded $54.99 eBay link




Return of the Jedi
77A ungraded $121.50 – eBay link



77A ungraded (with Coin offer) $42.25 – eBay link



77A ungraded (with Coin offer) $48.43 – eBay link



Trilogo $75 – eBay link




Palitoy 41 back ungraded ~$250 – eBay link




Episode 49: Dengar

39329: Dengar

It’s been an interesting move from the 31/32 back figures through to the figures first released on the 41 cardback. It was fair to say that almost all of the first 11 figures of the ESB line are pretty well coveted, with Hoth Han, Snowtrooper, Luke & Leia in the Bespin fatigues and Yoda all the subject go many foci. Even FX-7 seems to generate a high level of interest . However the figures first released on the 41 back (in the main) are where the collecting gets a little more niche, and competion for items really starts to drop off. In saying that, though, I’m often surprised at the level of sales for these “background” figures, and there we’re enough Dengar MOCs sold to produce a good report this month.

And with Dengar being a bounty hunter, his interest is bound to be a little higher than Ugnaught. I did manage to almost complete a theoretical run of Dengar with the month’s data. There aren’t a lot of graded examples out there, which I wonder if linked to the fact the bubble crushes pretty easy, and thus any overall grade will be impacted.

Enough of the background chatter, here is the data for the month (fair to say there was little inflation in these pieces relative to some of the other figures we’ve seen in recent months).

Empire Strikes Back

41A Ungraded $81.55 – eBay auction

41A ungraded

41A ungraded

41A Ungraded $52.00 – eBay auction

41A ungraded

41A ungraded

41A ii back 41A ii figure

41C AFA75 Y-EX+NM (C80 / B75 / F85) $122.50 – eBay auction

41C AFA75Y

41C AFA75Y

41c AFAY75 back

41E AFA80 (C80 / B80 / F80) $232.50 eBay auction

One of only a few graded figures in this month’s data. The quality of this card is probably worth the $200+ price tag, he’s not an easy character to find with a clear uncrushed bubble.

41E AFA80

41E AFA80

41E AFA80 cardback

41E AFA75Y – EX+/NM (C75 / B80 / F85) $204.19 – eBay auction

  41E AFA75Y

41E AFA75Y

41E AFA75Y

41E Ungraded $68.00 – eBay auction

41E ungraded

41E ungraded

41e ungraded back

45 Ungraded $42.00 – eBay auction

45A Ungraded

45A Ungraded

45 bubble 45 back

47 Ungraded $112.50 – eBay auction

47 Ungraded

47 Ungraded

47 ungraded back

48B Ungraded $127.50 – eBay auction 

48B ungraded

48B ungraded

48B ungraded back

48C Ungraded $24.28 – eBay auction

I haven’t gone back and checked, but this feels like one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) MOC’s I’ve listed on the blog. This isn’t far off pricing for a modern MOC (well in Australia at least).

48C ungraded

48C ungraded

48C ungraded back

All in all some pretty cheap offerings, if Dengar was in your interest set. His debut card seems pretty cheap, given a lot people like the debut card when completing runs of MOCs this was a little surprising. Though offer less cards are also often coveted, and thus the 41A with its Survival kit offer might be a reason for slightly subdued interest.

The few graded MOCs seemed reasonably priced, given the bubble quality, though the 41C (AFA75-Y) was probably $50 or so over priced, given the yellowing of the bubble. The 41C AFA75, was a pretty good deal at $122.50.

Return of the Jedi

48D AFA80 (C80 / B80 / F80) $151.00 – eBay auction

48D AFA80
48D AFA80

 48D AFA80 back

77A Ungraded $60.00 – eBay auction

Always like finding these MOCs with the Coin offer sticker and multiple price tags. Looks like this guy spent some serious time warming the pegs.

77A ungraded

77A ungraded

77a ungraded back


Palitoy 45 ungraded $700 – eBay auction

Palitoy 45 back ungraded

Palitoy 45 back ungraded

Palitoy back

January Marketwatch General Update – Holiday Review

Marketwatch January 2014 – Holiday Review

Happy New Year Space Freaks,

As we turn the clock on another banner year in the collecting community it’s great to look back at all the great dialogues, conversations and posts that have come up on RS, IG and all the other communities in the vintage Star Wars galaxy.   It was the first full year of anticipation for the Sequel Trilogy, with a Director being named and Social Media buzzing about every detail that was released.    It was a year of Celebration Europe, a great convention scene that showcased more in the world of comics then items from a galaxy far far away, and the announcement for the next Celebration to take place in 2015.

After a four month hiatus we resume our regular coverage of the rare and unique in the Vintage Star Wars community with our regular coverage of the market.   Suffice it to say Michael and I are always looking for ways to refine, update and improve the blog, and our annual round ups of the movies were a step in that direction as it departed us from just focusing on the rare and super high-priced items that we typically cover on the MarketWatch general update.   This year look for us to break out from the monthly schedule and take a more editorial approach to topics, covering such things as the statistics of collecting vintage, AFA75 the most un-coveted- but beloved grade, bargain auctions, and a slew of other topics on buying and selling in the hobby.

But before we get to any of those other topics it’s time to review one of the most robust times of the year to be a collector, the Holidays.

Each year retail sees a massive spike around the Holidays, for most retailers the 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) represents the most significant time of the year in terms of financial performance.  Many organizations see 40% of our revenue performance come in the last three months of the year, that’s a dramatic swing when compared with the first 3 quarters of the year.   It also directly relates to what we see on eBay with a large segment of vintage.

Here are some stats on this past holiday:

  • 1,731,922 = Peak of the number of listings in Toys and Hobbies in 2013 – occurred the 2nd week of December.
  • 1,344,856 = Average number of listings in Toys and Hobbies on eBay in Q3.

Thus we have a 387,066 or 28% increase in total items listed during this season.  Fairly significant, but in equal footing with the increase we’ve seen in years past.

What’s interesting to me about the Holiday season for collectibles is it’s really a crap shoot in terms of prices realized.   Timing is a key factor as a higher percentage of auctions end during non-peak purchase times, (Tuesday-Saturday), but more importantly the customers tend to be a bit more mixed then at other times of the year.    The key reason behind this is gift giving, instead of collectors being the sole purchasers; the market becomes saturated with people buying for collectors.    Thus you have a significant change in purchase patterns driven by factors such as lack of awareness of pricing, less experience with collectible auctions, and scheduling factors given auctions sporadic end dates.

Additionally the types of items that trade well at the holiday shift a bit when compared with other times of the year.   In a lot of cases low price point products tend to see some of the most significant improvement in prices realized, loose figures, more common MOC items are a few good examples.    Here you can see prices double or triple vs. averages throughout the rest of the year.

Another anomaly associated with this as we approach the week prior to X-Mas is that prices go up and up as people try to clamor for last minute gifts for their family and friends.   Strange as it’s a complete shift from retail which sees a general price decrease in the weeks leading up to the Holidays in several product categories.

All in all the Holidays are a great time to be a collector whether you’re buying or selling.  The items are vast and although a lot of more common pieces come on the market, there are always some rare pieces that make their way into the marketplace, to show off a few of these here’s the roundup of the Holiday season.

Holiday Round Up Auctions:

To represent the high end, rare and just down right expensive items available during this Holiday we have 10 auctions to review.   A lot of shock and awe will come with some of these prices, but it’s representative of the market today and the sometimes crazy dollars that people are spending on vintage.    Of the lot my personal favorite is the instant Jawa focus collection, with a MOC 12 Back and two loose figures, a vinyl cape and Lili Ledy figure.      What a great item featuring some really good and sought after pieces.    In addition to that piece there’s a great lineart mailer and a piece I’ve been on the lookout for, Vlix.

Meccano Ugnaught MOC – Purple Smock – C7ish – $4000 – Meccano Ugnaught MOC

Ugnaught Meccano Purple Smock MOC

Yak Face and Anakin Skywalker MOC Lot – C8 – $5700 – Yak Face and Anakin POTF MOC Lot

Yak Anakin Lot

ESB 3-Pack Imperial Set – C8 – $3549 – ESB Imperial Set 3 Pack

Imperial Set ESB 3 Pack

Vlix Loose AFA75 – $3150 – Vlix Loose AFA

Vlix AFA Loose

Lot of 26 MOC Figures (All Yellow Bubble ESB, ROTJ and POTF, but included Luke Stormtrooper, Han Variant Jedi and a few other mid price point figures – Overall $3000 ($115 a Figure) – 26 Figure MOC Lot

Figure Lot 1 Image 5 Figure Lot 1 Image 4 Figure Lot 1 Image 1 Figure Lot 1 Image 2 Figure Lot 1 Image 3

Jawa Figure Lot – Lili Ledy Loose – 80, Vinyl Cape Loose – 85, MOC 12 Back – 75 – $2600 –  Jawa Figure Lot

Jawa Collection

Eastern European  MTV-7 MIB – $2074 –  MTV-7

MTV-7 Meccano

ESB Lineart Catalog Mailer 15 Figure Set – $1810 – ESB Lineart 15 Figure Catalog Mailer

Lineart Mailer 15 Pack Set

European 4 Pack (MOC) – C8 – $1791 – MOC 4 Pack

MOC 4 Pack

Glasslite Snowtrooper with COA – AFA80 – $708 – Glasslite Snowtrooper with COA

Snowtrooper Glasslite with COA AFA

That’s it for this month Space Freaks, keep checking back for more updates from the Sandcrawler.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on upcoming topics for us to cover please send them to ChiveCastMarketwatch@Gmail.com, or send Mike or I a message on Rebelscum.com.

Wampa Wampa;


November General Update – The Empire Strikes Back Toyline – Redux

Happy November Space Freaks!

After a lengthy update on the ROTJ line in October we’re ready to keep plugging away on our series by series review.    This month the focus is all things Episode 5 as we take a deep dive into the Empire Strikes Back toy line.    Much like the movie itself this is regarded as one of the best; if not the best series of toys to come out in the original trilogy.    We have a lot of cross over with the original Star Wars series with such favorites as the Falcon and X-Wing being re-branded for the new movie, and newbies such as the At At and Slave 1 that have become fan favorites.    In addition to the main 3 ¾ inch line we also saw some cool and unique concepts that were only seen with the ESB release such as the Micro Series, a Puppet and the infamous Yellow and Red 6 packs.

With so much to choose there are a lot of directions we can go, sadly we don’t have any recent 3-Pack sales and some areas are a bit limited due to lack of sales activity. Thus we are just offering a sample of some of the key items seen with this release from the main areas including, MOC, MISB Boxed Items, Micro Series, Die Cast and a few truly rare and unique items that came up in the market over the past few months.

The post was updated on 12-1-13 in order to incorporate some recent auctions with items from the early part of the Holiday season that weren’t covered in our original post.


MOC (Mint on Card Figures)

We kick off our review of the ESB line with the core of the vintage toy line, the figures.   With 27 new figures released for the movie this was the second largest release for any of the Vintage Star Wars toy lines.  Here we saw variations of Hoth and Bespin put on the key leading characters, and an expansion to some great ideas that were missed in the original release such as releasing the generic soldiers and other ancillary but very present staples from the background of the movies.   We saw the first and only double release of a figure based on skin color (Bespin Security Guard), the bounty hunters and of course new characters such as Lando and Yoda.      All in all these moves made the ESB line a great second movement in the Vintage Star Wars toy line.

In our examples this month we find a great variety of items to discuss, all in all the prices on this line remain very strong, especially for higher grade examples. Some of the key highlights include a 21 Back (Rare) Stormtrooper, an Orange Hair Luke Tatooine, and two very high priced items in the form of Han Bespin and Luke Hoth which both saw ending prices above the $1000 mark.

Bespin Guard – White/Asian – AFA85- $192 Bespin Guard (White)

Bespin Guard

Bespin Guard – Black – AFA80 – $720 – Bespin Guard Black

Bespin Guard Blakc

Boba Fett – AFA 80 – $1330 Boba Fett ESB

Boba Fett ESB MOC

Bossk – AFA85 – $430 Bossk AFA85

Bossk AFA85

Darth Vader 47 Back – AFA85 – $355 – Darth Vader ESB MOC

Darth Vader - Yellow

Dengar 41 Back – AFA80 – $225 – Dengar MOC


Greedo – AFA85 – $279 – Greedo


Han Solo – AFA80 – $469 – Han Solo

Han Solo Small Head ESB MOC

Han Bespin AFA 85 – $1175 Han Bespin

Han Bespin AFA 85

Han Hoth – AFA85 – $717 Han Solo Hoth AFA85

Han Hoth

Han Solo Small Head – AFA80 – $1300 Han Solo Small Head MOC ESB

Han Solo ESB Small Head

Hoth Stormtrooper – AFA85 – $654 Hoth Stormtrooper AFA85

Hoth Stormtrooper

IG-88 – AFA80 – $217 – IG-88 MOC


Lando Calrissian – AFA85 – $600 – Lando Calrissian

Lando Original

Leia Organa (Original) – AFA85 – $610 – Leia Organa

Leia Organa White MOC

Luke Bespin – AFA85 – $883 – Luke Bespin Walking

Luke Bespin MOC

Luke Bespin – AFA85Y – $688 – Luke Bespin Later Photo

Luke Bespin Updated Photo

Luke Hoth AFA 85 – $1200 Luke Hoth ESB MOC

Luke Hoth MOC

Luke Tatooine Orange Hair – AFA75 – $2745 Luke Tatooine Orange Hair MOC

Luke Orange Hair

Luke X-Wing 41 Back Canadian – C8 – $676 – Luke X-Wing Pilot

Luke X-wing Canadian

Rebel Soldier – AFA85 – $405 Rebel Soldier AFA85

Rebel Soldier

Stormtrooper 21 Back ESB – AFA80 -$3499 Stormtrooper ESB 21 Back

Stormtrooper Rare 21 back

Stormtrooper Revenge Sticker – C8 – $162 Stormtrooper Revenge Sticker

Stormtrooper Revenge Sticker ESB

Tie Fighter Pilot – AFA85 – $465 Tie Fighter Pilot AFA85

Tie Fighter Pilot

Sand People- AFA85 – $431- Sand People

Tusken Raider

Yoda – AFA85 – $499 – Yoda


Zuckuss – AFA85 – $449 – Zuckuss


Die Cast

The Die Cast line was a short run continuation of the line that started with Episode 4 and carried on through the ESB line. Here we have a quick sampling of some of the key items that were introduced for the ESB line.   Although the line ended with the ESB release, it still remains a favorite of many collectors and is a great off-shoot for those collecting the main toyline.    The highlight in our coverage this month is that of the highly sought after Tie Bomber, a vehicle that was limited to only the die cast line, and therefore it remains a key favorite of collectors.    We have a great example listed below both in terms of condition and selling price, showing strong demand in the market, as much like the A-Wing and Tatooine Skiff this particular item bocks the traditional lines of where a collector may stray in their focuses.

Slave 1 – AFA85 – $676 Slave 1 Die Cast

Slave 1 Die Cast

Twin Pod Cloud Car – AFA75Y – $132.50 Cloud Car Die Cast AFA75Y

Die Cast Cloud Car

Tie Bomber – AFA80 – $1700 – Tie Bomber Die Cast

 Tie Bomber Die Cast

ESB Micro Series

Along the same lines as the Die Cast series we find the Micro Series (The precursor to Micro Machines) was a novel, but ultimately unsuccessful branching out effort for Kenner.   Looking to capture more market share by a new form factor these are the opposite of the way Kenner tried to augment the original Star Wars release with the large scale 12” figures.    This allowed them to package together a more robust  product offering as these sets included backdrops as well as the mini figures.   Much like the commercial failure of the line, these items aren’t the rarest birds to find sealed today, which prices for many of the smaller sealed sets very palatable at around $40-50 each today.     The larger sets including Hoth and Bespin world see a bit of a premium in comparison to the smaller sets but are still very affordable in comparison with items that had similar price points at the time.

Micro Series Hoth World AFA 85 – $749.99 – Hoth World


Bespin World – C8 – $265 – Bespin World

Bespin World Set

Mailers/Figure Sets

When it comes to figure sets and mailers the ESB release had no shortage of items to choose from.    We saw the secret  figure offer (Bossk) and 4-Lom released as single figure mailers, the continuation of the 3-pack line, over 15 Catalog mailer sets and of course the two 6-Pack figure releases.  One of my personal favorite parts of the ESB line the mailers included some huge packs of up to 15 figures with a wide array of the traditional and popular 3 packs.  Unortunately we didn’t see a 15 pack – lineart or anything out in left field come along as of late, but we did manage to find a side by side example of a graded and ungraded version of this ESB 9 Pack Mailer.

ESB Mailer 9 Pack AFA – $1350 – ESB 9 Pack Catalog Mailer

Mailer 10 Pack

ESB Mailer 9 Pack – $499 – ESB 9 Pack Catalog Mailer (Opened)

9 Pack Mailer

ESB Mailer 3 Pack – AFA80 – $356 – ESB Bounty Hunter Mailer AFA

ESB Catalog Mailer 3 Pack

ESB Red 6-Pack Figure Set – $2247 – C8  ESB Red 6-Figure Set MISB

Red 6 Pack ESB MISB

ESB Yellow 6-Pack Figure Set (Opened) – $792 – C7  ESB Yellow 6-Figure Set MIB


Yellow 6 Pack Open

3 Packs

In the weeks leading up to December we had two 3-Packs from the ESB line appear on the open market.    Below are the summaries of both examples.   The ESB line of 3 Packs is much like the relationship with the two ESB 12″ Figures that were released, in that they both were short in supply, and thus are the rarest/most expensive of their kind.    The ESB line also did a few things color wise and from a figure combination perspective that were real drivers of it’s overall popularity with the collecting community.

ESB Bespin 3 Pack – C8 MISB – $2075 – ESB Bespin Set

Bespin 3 Pack ESB

ESB Imperial Set – C8.5 MISB – $2549 – ESB Imperial Set

Imperial Set - ESB

12” Figures

With only two figures released in ESB packaging the 12” line wasn’t as robust as the prior movie and was quick lived in terms of shelf life.  Still the two released figures are two of the most desired pieces in the 12 inch line in total.   In addition to these being popular released items, the mock ups, prototypes and proofs for the lines continued figures are simply some of the best pieces when it comes to pre-production items from the Vintage line.

IG-88 UKG85 – $481 – IG-88

IG-88 12 Inch Loose

Boba Fett ESB 12” MISB  – AFA75 – $1125  – Boba Fett 12″ ESB AFA

12 Inch Boba Fett

ESB Boxed Items

Rounding out the ESB release are the vehicles, playsets, cases and 1 puppet that helped re-make those scenes on Hoth, Dagobah and Bespin.   The vehicles from this line are some of the most unique in any toyline ever released, from the giant AT-AT, to Slave 1 and the Cloud Car the toys were as unique and original as anything in the Star Wars universe.    Although we weren’t able to find a sealed AT-AT to review we did track down the remainder of vehicles released in the series, including two examples of Slave 1 that show just how much price can vary auction to auction, even if the items are identical in almost every way.

The playsets for the ESB line were unique in their own way as well, the generic white plastic of the Hoth Turret  and Attack base sets is simply one of the coolest simple concepts ever made in toys.   Neither are rare and neither are really well adapted from the movies, but anyone who had these as a kid is usually quick to callout how much they were used to recreate scenes from the movies.    Additionally in this series we saw the release of three cardboard backed scenes in the Rebel Command Center, Cloud City (Sears Exclusive), and the Hoth Ice Planet playset, all takes in some way on the original Land of Jawas concept.    With a full representation of Yoda’s Hovel, via the Dagobah playset all the worlds of Empire Strikes Back were released as a backdrop for the action figures themselves.

In addition to the playsets and vehicles the ESB release saw the release of a few vinyl carrying cases both with unique and captivating artwork.   But the most iconic case from the line has to be the release of the Darth Vader carrying case which is one of the most iconic symbols of the vintage toyline as a whole, released with three variations we have two represented below for your review.

Dagobah Playset with Accessories – C8 – $405 – Dagobah

Dagobah with Backpack

Darth Vaders Star Destroyer – $1500ish – AFA80 Darth Vaders Star Destroyer

Darth Vaders Star Destroyer MISB

Hoth Ice Planet – C8 – $836 – Hoth Ice Planet

Hoth Ice Planet

Hoth Wampa – U85 – $426 – Wampa

Hoth Wampa

Laser Rifle – C8 – $449 – Laser Rifle

Laser Rifle

Millennium Falcon – $1026 – AFA75 Millennium Falcon ESB MISB

Millenium Falcon MISB AFA75

Rebel Command Center (Opened) – C8 – $510 – Rebel Command Center

Rebel Command Center

Scout Walker – $293 – Scout Walker

Scout Walker

Slave 1 AFA 80 – $1100 – Slave 1

Slave 1 MISB

Snowspeeder Pink Box – C8 – $519 – Snowspeeder Pink Box

Snowspeeder Pink Box

Taun Taun – C8 – $326 – Tauntaun


Taun Taun Split Belly – C8 –  $355 – Tauntaun Split Belly

Tauntaun Split Belly

Tie Fighter Original – $1136 – Tie Fighter ESB

Tie Fighter ESB

Twin Pod Cloud Car Special Offer Foreign Release – $1200 C6 Twin Pod Cloud Car

Twin Pod Cloud Car Special Offer Foreign Release

Vader Case Special Edition – AFA85 – $792 – Darth Vader Special Edition – Luke Yoda Vader

Vader Case Special Edition

ESB Vinyl Case – C9 MISB – $438 – ESB Vinyl Case MISB

ESB Vinyl Case

Yoda Hand Puppet – U85 – $405 – Yoda Puppet

Yoda Puppet

Pete’s Picks November – The Unique and Rare

Tough to classify but ultimately key items to discuss we have a few truly rare pieces to round out this month’s review.   So rare and so unique that we had to pull them out of the rest of the update and give these 3  items a focused section.

Jawa 21 Back Proof Card AFA80 – Jawa ESB 21 Back Proof

I think this and any ESB proof cards are unique and cool in their own way, there’s an interesting mix of cardback pre-production items available from the series, but with sporadic patterns of demand and price.  This piece is great as it’s one of the earliest pieces, it’s of a figure from the original 12 and therefore I think this was par for the course or just shy of where it should have been in terms of price.  Definitely worth mentioning given the overall rarity of ESB pre-production on the open market these days.

Jawa ESB Proof

Action Figure Display Stand with Figures – C8 – $8499 – Action Figure Display Stand MISB ESB

Here we have a truly rare piece by any measure of the word.   This is simply a once in a long while item to find in the market, and is therefore the first item in our highlights section.  Very basic but very high demand, this piece had a very short existence as it was shortly produced but not distributed, and thus has extremely high demand amongst hard-core collectors.    Based on AFA data there only appears to be one sealed graded example and one Q-Graded example, making this one of rarest from the Star Wars line period. This data isn’t all encompassing as there are loose examples that have surfaced in addition to what we see here.  A very cool item overall given the array of popular figures, and with it’s lack of distribution it’s simply not discussed in great magnitude, but nonetheless it’s one of the best sales we’ve seen on eBay in the past few years.

Display Stand with Figures

Yoda Harbert MOC $7835 – AFA 70 – Yoda Harbert ESB

As usual we have a very rare foreign release figure to look at this month, this one from one of our favorite series, the Harbert Line.   Yoda himself is a high demand figure for the ESB line, but coupled with the rarity and high demand of the Harbert series this particular item is off the chart, really when have you ever seen anything AFA70 go for nearly $8000 on eBay?

Yoda Harbert MOC

Luke Skywalker Hoth Prototype – Unpainted – $1499 – Luke Hoth Prototype

Underrated in terms of price this is my personal favorite this month, as these unpainted prototypes continue to grow in value due to the finite amount in the market and the fact that pre-production collectors gravitate towards actual toy prototypes more so than even proofs.    Luke Hoth being a favorite of many collectors it’s difficult to figure out why this particular item didn’t fare better in the market, with my assessment being that this could have been perceived a risk due to the lack of documentation, and for all intensive purposes a relatively new seller on eBay.

Luke Hoth Prototype

That wraps up our update for this month, be sure to check back for all of our upcoming episodes on figures and the general updates for the following months:

  • December – Star Wars Episode 4 Series Review.
  • January – Holiday Round Up
  • February – State of the Hobby 2014

Wampa Wampa!