May Mid-Month MW Update

Happy May Space Freaks!


Here’s a quick update on some more visible and notable auctions in the April/May time period.  I’ll be posting the “Reality Check” article later this month and this will just serve as a bridge as there were some great pieces that came up over the last 60 days.


Unlike our normal layout I just have 7 auctions that I want to cover this month, each unique and notable in their own way.


Boba Fett Revenge Proof AFA85 –  $3700


Last year we covered the another Revenge of the Jedi Boba Fett proof, remember what that went for…..$1500, not even half of what the most recent Fett Proof sold for earlier this month. Showing us, the even when there’s 50 examples of an item out there, if demand is high enough, crazy prices can be realized.  This one was truly out in left field, but with only a few others selling in the past year it’s hard to scoff at whomever paid up for it, as they obviously needed it.


Boba Fett Revenge of the Jedi Proof Card

Boba Fett Revenge

Droids MOC Collection – Midgrade figures – $3300


What can I say, this happens every so often and I thought this was worthy of mentioning given the span of figures.  Unlike most MOC Droids sets, this one actually included a MOC Boba Fett which adds quite the premium to a set like this, even with the mid-grade overall condition. Overall awesome deal, as I always say it’s best to buy in bulk!


Droids MOC Collection

Droids MOC Collection

Sandcrawler MISB – C8 – $3350


Hard to find, especially sealed this was a great piece and one of the only truly rare pieces from the Vintage Line. The price seemed right on given the market as of recent years for similar condition items, and the overall price trend that we’re seeing in the hobby these days.


Sandcrawler MISB

Sandcrawler MISB

Unproduced Luke Pitch Coin – $2899


Used as a preproduction concept for what the end product was shooting to be, the pitch coins were a good first generation conceptualization of the POTF line of coins.   Only a few seem to be out there and when they come up they demand some pretty high prices.   This was a great example of another great niche that people can get into with the hobby.


Luke Skywalker Unproduced Pitch Coin

Luke Pitch Coin - Preproduction

Tusken Raider 12” Boxed Lili Ledy – C7 – $2650


A true rarity in the 12” line comes to us from outside of the US, the Tusken Raider Lili Ledy large scale format figure


Tusken Raider Large Format 12″ Lili Ledy


Tusken Lili Ledy

Walrusman PBP/Poch MOC – C9 – $2175


I always like to throw in something from lands far, far away as it this month it comes in the form of Walrusman, yes our old friend Mr. Butt face. Here we have a PBP/POCH piece that is truly rare and unique, the PBP line is one of the most sought after in the Vintage Star Wars Collectors universe.  And given the condition of this example it’s no surprise he went for big dollars.


Walrusman MOC PBP/POCH

 Walrusman PBP Poch

Boba Fett ROTJ Tatooine Scene – AFA85 Clear – $1461


Boba Fett has always been one of the highest demand characters and here we have no exception to the rule.   In what be the most expensive ROTJ MOC auction in recent years we have a perfect example of the Tatooine scene Boba Fett.   With a clear bubble this doesn’t surprise me as the last AFA80 with a clear bubble went for nearly $1200, and as we all know the higher end segment always demands a premium, and with a clear bubble it really pushes the price up as the two piece bubble almost always turns yellow.


Boba Fett ROTJ Tatooine AFA85 Clear


Boba Fett ROTJ


That brings us to the end of our mid month update.

Wampa Wampa,


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