July General Marketwatch Update

Happy July Space Freaks!   I hope everyone is starting to enjoy their summers out there in collector land.  As usual we’ve seen a big uptick in auctions and the summer boom is in full swing on eBay, RebelScum and the Imperial Gunnery.   This month we bring you another round of big auctions from the … Continue reading


This is Reality Come Back to it…. Part 1

Happy May June Space Freaks! It’s been an exciting year for the hobby and collectors across the board, with crazy auctions for unique and rare items, to scandals, to plain great discussions on Rebel Scum and at the Imperial Gunnery.   This has given Michael and myself along with our counterparts on the Chive Cast great … Continue reading

Episode 52: Leia (Hoth outfit)

Episode 52: Leia (Hoth outfit)

The months trickle on as we vacillate between background character and main character in different outfits. Leia Hoth is a great figure. The cardback is great, it works so well with the actual figure standing next to her. It’s like that was the photo they used to sculpt the figure from. I wasn’t sure what … Continue reading